Relooking VAHA-OLANA in Madagascar

The VAHA-OLANA loan (VAHA = solution, OLANA = problem) allow employees to cover all kinds of expenses: purchases of consumer goods and domestic equipment, but also work to improve a residence, acquisition of land, etc.

This product exists since 2003 and it is enough for an employee to justify one year of seniority in a company or to hold for the civil servants, to be able to claim there. The maximum duration of the loan is 60 months and no guarantee or proof of use is required.

The VAHA-OLANA loan is very popular and the number of requests remains almost constant throughout the year. Most of the beneficiaries are concentrated in the region of Analamanga (Antananarivo Capital), which accounts for about 45% of outstanding for a number of agencies representing less than 30% of the total network.

This makeover makes it possible to give a new visibility to the product, both for sale and internally. A communication campaign was implemented from August to October to boost sales, with more than 50 press releases and about 20 billboards.

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