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Activity Report

2019 augured the start of the new Three-Year Development Plan (TDP) 2019 - 2021, which embodies all the development and growth goals of the Group. We closed the year with the consolidated balance sheet up 11.5% to EUR 8.5 billion, deposits up 9.3% and loans up 5.2% to EUR 4.3 billion.
The balance sheet transformation of the Corporate segment, with emphasis on SMEs, is reflected in the number of loans, which increased by 21%, but not yet in value, given the decrease in the average loan amount disbursed.
Net Operating Income increased by 8.9% to EUR 542.6 million, mainly driven by a sharp increase in fee business revenues of 24%, or EUR 215 million, which accounts for over 46% of banking income of EUR 462 million. 

The portfolio restructuring of our banks in Mali and Kenya, for over EUR 42 million, caused a substantial increase in consolidated cost of risk of EUR 70 million. As a result, the net income group share declined by 16.5% to EUR 68.9 million, or a Return on equity (ROE) of 11.8%.

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