Vision and Mission

Originally aimed at the fields of art and culture, the BOA Foundation vision now focuses on social development in general, concentrating on Education and Health in particular.

This political decision, agreed by the Foundation’s administrative council at the beginning of 2008, meets numerous criteria and constraints:

  • Primarily, the sectors of education and health are, without doubt, the areas of greatest need; furthermore, their good functioning is undeniably among the fundamental conditions required for personal wellbeing and development and, therefore, for the future of African societies as a whole.
  • In addition, the Foundation hopes to achieve concrete, measurable results through its activities, monitoring project outcomes.  This is what defines The BOA Foundation’s unique commitment.
  • Furthermore, because the Foundation aims to add value in the truest sense, it must focus on its financial resources in order to make best use of them.
  • Lastly, this strategy is based upon a new concept of “the life centre”, which forms the structure of the BOA Foundation. 

The Foundation’s work began in Benin in 1996.

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