Warning 419 Fraud


As many other banks, our corporate name "BANK OF AFRICA" is used from time to time by ill-intentioned people in the search of partner who can help them transfer so-called important funds, precious values or in the payment of commercial transactions. 

We would like to inform you that such practices of cyber-criminality also known as "SCAM 419" or "Advance Fraud 419" aims at obtaining from eventual victims advances on commissions, supposedly intended for clearance of formalities enabling the achievement of fictitious transactions. For more information on those practices, we would recommend you to make a research on (Google, Yahoo or others) the names above mentioned or take a look at the sites recommended below. 
We also noted sometimes the creation of fictitious internet sites intended to direct wrongfully eventual victims. 


  • kindly invites the addressees of such mails to be more watchful and prudent;
  • will take a legal action, whenever necessary, for any use or attempt of making use of its corporate name, the name of its managers or officers, its logo and its signs for fraudulent purposes;
  • disclaims any responsibilities with respect to possible victims who should report to their local financial police force or to their diplomatic representation abroad;
  • respects the precepts of FATF and never deals in remote transactions.
  • accepts to receive any correspondences relating to such acts or attempt of fraud at the following mail address fraud419@boaholding.com, without service duties on its behalf.

Thank you for your comprehension. 


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